Investor Relations

Insider Ownership

Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
Doyle, John L. Director 23,263 View
Fishman, Jerald G. Director 10,169 View
flores lorenzo Officer 19,058 View
gavrielov moshe Officer 236,766 View
gianos philip t Director 125,409 View
gillai saar Director 1,052 View
glaser steven l Officer 15,376 View
Hover-smoot, Scott Officer 41,016 View
howard william g jr Director 35,330 View
jankov ronald steven Director 1,052 View
lee thomas h Director 1,052 View
Olson, Jon Officer 101,605 View
patterson john michael Director 20,164 View
Peng, Victor Officer 32,577 View
Petrakian, Raja Officer 37,333 View
pimentel albert a Director 22,275 View
rangasayee krishna Officer 15,555 View
Ratford, Vin Officer 3,585 View
segers dennis Director 3,242 View
Tong, Vincent Officer 61,383 View
Tornaghi, Frank Officer 12,537 View
turner marshall c Director 37,630 View
vanderslice elizabeth w Director 29,909 View

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